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Hi, thanks for visiting my site.


My name is Randy, I am currently a self supporting, non-affiliated, independent missionary in the coffee district of Colombia. Although I am not on staff with any “mission organization” I do however volunteer my time working with e3 PARTNERS, an awesome missions organization based out of Plano Texas. God has led me on an amazing journey the past few years to get me to where I am. Ten years ago I would never have believed you if you told me where I would be today. I have been coming to Colombia since July 2014. It started with a one week short term mission trip and I was hooked. I am currently living in Armenia, Quindio Colombia.

I am a single parent empty nester from Midlothian, TX. I have three grown children,


Mark, Nicholas and Chels, whom I am very proud of each one.  I am a grandfather to Jade, an artist, a handyman and most importantly a follower of Jesus Christ.

This blog was mainly set up to journal about my adventure that I am on, but it will also serve as a platform for me to share with you whatever is on my mind at the moment. Come along for the ride if you like, I’d be happy to have you.

3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hey Randy, Martin Oliver here, a close friend of Bob & Denise. Last night Denise told me you are doing Missionary work in Columbia …Hard Core Bro!!! You and yours are and have been in my daily prayers for 35 years. Best of life and good success as you follow the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. Columbia shall be saved.
    Dr. Martin W. Oliver Jr., PhD, BCPC

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