A Quick Update

As I mentioned in a previous post, “A Lot to Cover”, I have been given an opportunity to  travel to south Colombia/Peru to do mission work in October. Well, there has been a slight change of plans. Due to scheduling

conflicts the date has been moved up to September 6th 2018. While I am excited about this opportunity, the realization is setting in, that is only a little over three weeks away! The clock is ticking and there is a lot to do. Please pray for me and the two other people involved with this trip, Jordyn Gonzalez, (the founder of Misíon Go) and Natalia, (my translator). It is a two week “reconnaissance” trip of sorts. I was invited by Jordyn to travel with him to Leticia, Amazonas Colombia. From there we will make a short journey into Peru to a  small community called Caballo Cocha to see his operations there. (Yes, the Amazon). We will be doing mission work while we are there, sharing the gospel with the indigenous people of that region and working with the youth and children. We will also be visiting the local church to encourage the pastors and I have been asked to speak to the youth on Saturday and the church congregation Sunday morning.

Now comes the hard part. I would like to share with you Natalia’s support letter. This is the hard part because even while missions work can be exciting, the task of raising funds is not. It is always difficult asking people to seperate themselves from their hard earned money. I thank God that He has been so faithful in the past raising up people to cover that need. Let me add also that Natalia is much more than just my translator, she is my partner in ministy, especially for this trip. She has an enormous heart for God and an awesome testimony. She informed me of her desire to be a missionary well over a year ago and God has been doing amazing things in her life to realize that dream. I plan to write a post in the future about her awesome testimony (stay tuned).

Please click on this link for her letter.
Were Going to the Amazon

Please note that all the funds that may come in will go first and foremost to the Colombian missionaries to cover their expenses. As you might imagine it is difficult for them to raise such support in country. In the past it has almost solely fallen on gracious supporters from outside of Colombia, who have caught the vision of what is God is doing here and elsewhere, and how He is even raising up missionaries in foreign countries to reach the world. Natalia and her mother have committed to making and selling food items and crafts to begin raising her support. That being said, I also have a small need as well. As you may know I am a volunteer here in colombia. I self support throughout the year and only really ask for support once a year to cover the expense of the one week mission trip in June, many times even covering my own airfare for travel. Adding additional trips to my cost becomes a little bit of a burden. I say that just to let you know that any money we may receive over what is needed for Jordyn and Natalia, will help off set my costs as well.

I will be using my PayPal to collect the funds for this trip.

Please know how incredibly grateful we all are for those who God calls to be “senders”. This work could never be done without you! Thank You!

To God be the glory!

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