Colombia, Peru, Brazil cont.

…”My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.   -2 Corinthians 12:9 NKJV
Not your standard go-to-quote for missions. But this was not my standard mission trip. I felt I struggled with this one early on. I felt weak, like I wasn’t going to be useful. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it was because of the climate (Like Texas in July with no air conditioning). Maybe the added hint of danger. Or maybe being pulled out of my comfort zone was the reason, needing to preach a couple of times (and also lead a devotional). And as I also mentioned previously in part 1, I felt the enemy’s heavy hand pressing down on me. Attacking me. That part actually was not very different from other trips as I tend to struggle from time to time with that, any time I am in the actual mission field. I hear that can be a good sign, though. That you are doing something worthwhile for the Kingdom, after all, the devil is not going to waste his time oppressing you if you are not being effective for God. When Jordyn first asked to speak to me about missions a month and half ago, I believe it was for the purpose of trying to gain a North American advocate for MisionGo. I don’t fault him for that, nothing wrong with trying to grow your reach and influence. Up until now he has been solely working with Central and South Americans. But I decided to go on this trip for more personal reasons. Before I returned to Colombia this year I asked God to give me new opportunities. To open new doors in order that I may use more of my time here to serve Him. This surely seemed like a new open door to me. Not that I in any way want to stop my work with e3 Partners. On the contrary. I am still very much intending to continue with them, I love their model. I love how they commit to an area and “partner” with the local church to plant and establish many new churches. I love the success that I see through the work that is done and I’m happy to be a part of it.  Now, I was very appreciative for Jordyn’s invite and of course I wanted to try to help him in any way that I could. I want to see North Americans get involved in his ministry but I feel I need to put out this disclaimer. MisiónGo is not for everybody. I don’t believe everyone looking for a short-term mission experience is prepared for some of the demands that could be put on them. A week without a bed, living in a tent, without running water, without electricity, the heat, none of the conveniences you may find on other expeditions. Also, the fact that Jordyn does not speak English adds a certain elelment that would need to be considered. But maybe that’s YOU! Maybe you ARE willing to forgo some luxuries in order to reap a great harvest and be fulfilled. That being said, I wanted to give you a little background on this organization that I went into the Amazon with.


MisionGo logo

A Colombia based missions organization founded by Jordyn Gonzalez about 4 years ago. As a teenager living in Girardot, a city near Bogotá, Jordyn was heavy into the “punk” culture. Spiked hair and every other bad thing that goes along with it. His father, having had enough, put him out of the house. Homeless and on the streets at age 19 is where Jordyn met Jesus. Actually under a bridge, the Mariano Ospina Pérez bridge, ” A very hostile place near a river,” is how he describes it. It was there his life changed forever. Soon after his conversion he knew he must tell others, knowing there were many people just like him who did not know about Jesus, and MisiónGo was born. Meeting a missionary who told him about Leticia, Amazonas, and having a heart for the indigenous people, he decided to move there, where he lived for 2 years. While living in Leticia he found JUCUM (Youth With A Mission, South America). He wanted to attend their ministry school but not having enough money, he offered them his only possession, an Epiphone Les Paul 100 electric guitar, they accepted and he began studying at YWAM. Jordyn also spent time pastoring the Ministerio Evangelistico church while living in Leticia.  

Listen to how Jordyn describes MisiónGo, “MisónGo is a Ministry of Missionary Mobilization, which has been raising the heart of the church and inspiring the church to do world and cross-cultural missions.” Having a heart for the indigenous people has led him into the Amazon region of South America, to not only evangelize the small communities, but also to help build churches, provide and install rainwater collection and filtering systems for clean drinking water,  collecting and distributing clothes and toys for the children and also doing medical brigades. Having already been in 80% of all Colombia preaching and mobilizing the church, Jordyn says, “We are now moving to all South America and all of Latin America to extend and go to the darkest corners where no one wants to go.” I truly admire his ambition and his heart for the Great Commission. At only twenty-five years of age I feel he will make quite an impact for the Kingdom of God.

Finally, I just want to say that I know this experience may not be for everyone and that’s fine. But I believe in what Jordyn is doing and I believe it is changing many lives in South America. Even with all the struggles that go along with these expeditions I’m looking forward to when I will be able to return with him and with a larger team. Hopefully to begin construction on the MisiónGo school of worship, his dream for Leticia, Amazonas.

I encourage you click on the YouTube link for a short video on MisiónGo and visit one the other sites linked below for more info.

There are currently two expeditions scheduled for 2019
1. January 8-16
2. July 3-10

Thanks for reading.
To God be the glory

Author: Randy Bates

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  1. Hey brother after reading your last blog the Lord laid this scripture on my heart for you. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11. Keep fighting the good fight. God saw you to it, He will see you through it.

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